Nullforge Launches Threat Intel Platform

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Threat Intelligence
Threat intelligence is an essential component of modern cybersecurity. By providing organizations with actionable insights into potential and current threats, it enables them to proactively defend against cyber-attacks, respond more effectively to incidents, and make informed decisions about their security posture. With the ever-evolving threat landscape, investing in robust threat intelligence capabilities is crucial for maintaining a strong and resilient cybersecurity defense.

Nullforge Threat Intel Platform (TIP)
Nullforge Threat Intel Platform (TIP) aggregates, analyzes, and disseminates threat data from multiple sources, enabling you to stay ahead of potential threats and make informed security decisions. With Nullforge TIP, you can enhance your threat detection capabilities, improve incident response, and fortify your overall security posture.

Nullforge Threat Intel Platform (TIP) is integrated into our Hive platform which provides Nullforge clients real-time visibility to their scans while Nullforge consultants are testing for vulnerabilities. With the features of TIP, the clients can be informed of breaches and leakages in their organization exclusive to them only. Aside from the threat intelligence exclusive to their company and organization, they are also provided with the current Threat Actors, News and Intelligence and International Breaches just like the proof-of-concept image below.

Nullforge Threat Intel Platform

Our threat intel entries contain not only the summary of the cyber incident but also our very own analysis assigned to the case of each entry. Each entry is triaged, analyzed and verified before being published unlike other Meta (Facebook) pages that only alerts you of “alleged” breaches or incidents. It does not spam you of what you already know from the breach forums or public information but gives you more insights and reports of what happened today.

The sources and entries are exclusive contents and scoops via subscription and though our clients. These sources are very vital to your organization and company. For law enforcement agencies, our platform could also be used for profiling threat actors for your investigation needs.

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